The history of Flex Wind

Flex Wind was established in 2017 in Brazil – but the history of the company already starts in 2003 where the previous Danish Vestas technician Jens Nygaard, after 15 years in the field, starts his own business providing the wind industry with qualified technicians.

In 2003 the company started as Total Wind and was located in a smaller town called Brande in the middle of Jutland (DK). The organization rapidly spread out with own offices in nine countries offering their services around the world. The company made a successful market entry in Brazil in 2011 - and in 2017, Total Wind Brazil splits from the Group in Europe and renamed to Flex Wind. The new name of the company originates from the unique position in the market being able to offer and provide an extensive flexibility in the services offered to the clients.

Today Flex Wind has more than 500 employees and is located with offices in Denmark (head office), Argentina, Brazil, Poland and South Africa. The flexible services are provided in Europe, Latin America, and South Africa. And the company is expanding the markets in line with new requests. 

Since 2017, the company has been through a strong growth - and in 2021, BS Equity (Bagger Soerensen Equity A/S) has joined as majority shareholder in Flex Wind Group. This means that Flex Wind has been prepared to meet future requirements and at the same time has become an even stronger partner for the wind industry.

To meet the expectations of the clients, all employees in Flex Wind work with strong values within our multicultural company such as SAFETY, QUALITY, TRUST, TEAMWORK, and FLEXIBILITY. We want to be ONE Flex Wind culture that shapes expectations and behaviors that are common to all within it - no matter the experience, the title, or the latitude.

January 2023

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