Whistleblower Policy

Whistleblowing scheme:

The whistleblowing scheme is established in collaboration with Bech-Bruun law firm and platform supplier WhistleB. As the external administrator of the scheme Bech-Bruun will receive all reports and conduct a preliminary assessment of whether the report falls within the scope of the scheme.
Our Whistleblowing sheme is a tool that allows you to report unlawful acts and other serious issues without using our ordinary reporting channels.
Generally, we want you to be able to discuss any concerns with the relevant supervisor/person in our organisation and to be able to do so without the risk of retaliatory measures.
If you are not comfortable with this, or if you have done this but do not feel that the issue was handled correctly, you may instead use the whistleblowing scheme to report the information anonymously.
The whistleblowing scheme may not be used for reporting false accusations, deliberately untrue information or information that you do not have reasonable grounds to believe are correct.

What may be reported and by whom:

The whistleblowing scheme may be used for reporting serious offences that may impact our organisation or be decisive for the life or health of individuals, or suspicion of same.
The whistleblowing scheme is not to be used for minor issues such as dissatisfaction with wages, rejected applications, lack of cooperation, or similar.


The law firm Bech-Bruun must keep all information provided by you condifential. When you create/submit a report, you will be asked to provide your name. Any disclosure of your name to the investigators handling your report is subject to your prior consent.

How to report:

Issues can be reported by following this link.

Whistleblower policy:

Whistleblower policy - link to PDF version

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