How to apply for a job at Flex Wind

All open positions are available on our job portal.

Applying for a job at Flex Wind is easy - just fill out our online application form.

Our recruitment processes:

  1. Browse open jobs
    Search and find your next job
  2. Apply for a job
    Register your profile and upload your application 
    Tip: It is very important that you target your application and resume to fit the job. Please also take care to complete the online application form accurately.
  3. Review of your application
    Our recruiter team will review your application against the job profile.
    Our process follows the same standards globally but it has local adaptations.
  4. Interview & Assessment
    During the interview process, we will get the chance to get to know you, and you will get the information you need to decide if Flex Wind is the right match for you. An interview can consist of a conversation over video or telephone, followed by one or more face to face conversations and assessment tests.
  5. Job offer
    The final step in the hiring process follows local rules and legislations and might require references or a background check.
    If we agree that we want to work together, we will make you a job offer.
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