Blade Repair and Inspection

Our knowledge will help you secure your investment and the least possible downtime of the turbine

Blades department in Flex Wind has the expert knowledge you need. We offer experienced teams of blade technicians providing top quality repairs and maintenance of epoxy and polyester blades together with inspection, cleaning and painting of towers, nacelle and hup.

The work can be carried out with the assistance of a sky climber, rope access or our HangOut (link).  

  • Inspection, protection, and repair
  • Engineering support for complex repair solutions
  • Experienced and highly trained blade technicians and rope access teams
  • Repair of polyester and epoxy blades
  • Consultancy support
  • Inspections are carried out visually or through scanning
  • Work carried out with the assistance of a sky climber, rope access or our HangOut
  • Inspection can be carried out by advanced camera system from the ground
  • Inspection can be carried out by drone with ANEL pilot certification and Anatel certificate
  • Factory inspection (before the blades leave the factory)
  • Blade balancing
  • Blade tip painting.

Expert knowledge within leading edge erosion:

We work with the leading technologies and offer the best protection from wear and tear in the market. The preventive and corrective methods on the leading edges will lead to:

  • Lower maintenance cost by timely preventative maintenance
  • Regain lost power curve due to re-establishment of the aerodynamic profile of the leading edge
  • Increase lifetime expectancy of the blade.

Towers, Nacelle, and Hup:

  • Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Painting

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