Flex Wind is your guarantee of knowledge and quality for gearbox related tasks

The gearbox department at Flex Wind is your guarantee of knowledge and quality for gearbox related tasks. We are highly specialized and have many years of experience with everything related to wind turbine gearboxes.

Since the start of the company, a huge amount of the following gearbox related tasks in South America have been performed for our customers. Our team is dedicated, skilled and equipped with custom made tooling for handling the tasks in the minimum downtime possible for your wind turbine:

  -  HSS and IMS shafts have been replaced uptower, refurbished and rebuilt downtower
  -  Bearings replaced uptower
  -  Borescope inspections 
  -  Quality reports
  -  Uptower retrofit
  -  Upgrades
  -  Oil exchange.
HSS + IMS Replacement and Refurbishment
With a track record of a huge amounts of uptower replacements, our team beats customers’ expectations. The fact that we can refurbish used shafts inhouse, safes our clients’ money and provides us with extra knowledge about each shaft. Without a proper quality inspection, no part is leaving our repair shop. Spacers are measured and prepared within micrometers of tolerance, securing that the gearbox performs once more to our client’s satisfaction. 

Nothing is left to chance, Flex Wind uses the latest GE and Olympus top of the range industrial borescopes. Given the best image quality and as such the best analysis of our inhouse experts. Thanks to an excellent relationship with top tier gearbox manufacturers, further expert opinion from the engineering departments are accessible for our clients.


  -  Upgrade of junction bolts
  -  Pumps
  -  Coolers
​​​​​​​  -  Bearing replacements.

Gearbox Replacement:

  -  Complete gearbox exchange.

Special Tasks:

  -  Extraction of broken bolts
​​​​​​​  -  Low speed bearing exchange uptower.

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